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We are the areas approved stockists of Artisan Electric Scooters and Motorcycles, we have demonstrators of both the EV2000R and EVO3 Motorcycle available for you to try.

The UK Designed Artisan EV2000R

No ordinary scooter

Artisan's engineers and designers retained the timeless classic scooter design whilst taking everything back to a shell. They specified parts and components specifically for the UK and European markets. All Artisan electric scooters are EU type approved with EU Certificates of conformity. More than that we, (as long time riders, designers and engineers) have built in features and finishing touches that make the Artisan a unique, modern, fun ride.

Twist and Go - Easy Ergonomic Ride

No starting, no warm up, just turn the key, take in the outdoor freedom and off you go.

If you are road aware and can ride a bike then the Artisan scooter is a joy to ride. No clutch, no kick starting, no unreliable dirty engine. Just twist the throttle to go and apply powerful front and rear brakes to stop. The scooter also has dual mirrors LED indicators and daytime running lights.

Eco friendly. No road tax, no petrol, no congestion charge, low maintenance, free parking and pennies to charge!

All Artisan scooter models are congestion charge free and enjoy the benefit of free road tax. With a full charge typically costing as little as 20p there has never been a better time to be both environment and pocket friendly.

Classic looks, new technology

Stylish, clean lines and more reliable

Take the lights for example. Enclosed in beautifully sculptured casings, the Artisan EV2000R is fitted with powerful, all-new, LED lighting for main and dipped headlights, side lights, indicators, brake and tail lamps. Stylish, great visibility, low power consumption and more reliable! We love electric!

Low profile tyres and powerful disc brakes front and rear

for bags of grip and great stopping power

Modern hydraulic, ventilated, disc brakes front and rear give real stopping power. Turbine blade, alloy wheels keep the weight down and specially selected low profile tyres keep the handling sharp and the ride smooth.

Powerful 2000W Motor

For two up fun

The new EV2000R has a 2000W motor with more torque and the same range as the previous 1200W. The electronically controlled motor has smooth low down torque for easy starts, brisk acceleration and is powerful enough to carrying a passenger and luggage.

Do you have access to a standard 13amp socket under cover?

In-scooter charging

The EV2000 under-seat charging port enables you to plug into any nearby 13amp socket for a full recharge. If you are like three quarters of the UK working population that live within 30 minutes of work then a charge will last 2-3 days.

Want the convenience of charging anywhere?

Removable battery charging

The EV2000R's removable Lithium Powercell is ideal for city living or when you want the versatility to charge anywhere. You can buy a second Lithium Powercell for added convenience and range, One Powercell gives approx 40km range and two gives approx 80km. Charging is a simple as taking your battery home, to work or a cafe and charging from any 13amp socket. Just like your phone.

Comfortable and protected

Tucked in behind a wide protective fairing

Scooters offer a level of comfort and protection not offered by bikes or mopeds. A comfortable, padded seat - big enough for 2 - and wide running boards with feet runners, enclosed wheel spaces and wide fairing all let you tuck in from the elements on your journey. The bodywork is in a lightweight plastic/ABS combination which is robust and corrosion free as well as being lightweight to assist both range and handling.

Attention to detail

Back to the future.

The tactile controls have been crafted in a traditional fashion, giving that retro look and feel with 21st century development and control.

Nationwide Delivery and personalised hand-over

Here at Artisan we take customer safety and satisfaction seriously. We offer a unique UK mainland delivery service on one of our dedicated vehicles to ensure that your scooter arrives fully assembled and in perfect condition. A qualified member of staff will demonstrate the functionality and controls, answering any questions that you may have.

12 Months Nationwide Artisan Warranty

Plus complimentary Road Assist, Breakdown Recovery and Home Assist

Artisan Scooters is part of a UK automotive group established for over 30 years. Our electric scooters have had over 2 years of exhaustive trials and development in the UK to EU standards and have proven incredibly reliable. Much. much more reliable than equivalent petrol scooters. They also need very little maintenance, servicing can be carried out by any competent motorcycle or scooter dealer and is backed up by our in house technical assistance. We also carry a full range of spare parts.

Choice of seat covers and materials

Artisan offer a choice of three colours on the standard vinyl seat. Why not go the extra mile and personalise your Artisan with a genuine leather seat, available in a range of colours to compliment your scooter. All leather seats are supplied with a complimentary weather cover.

Your choice of colours

Which one would you choose?

Our designers have carefully selected a pallet of retro colours, harking back to the the era with a modern twist. whether you choose the Classic Polar White, Retro Dusk blue, go for a twist with our Latte Mint Green or settle on our special metallic finish Storm Grey you can be sure that you will have a great timeless look, turning heads wherever you go.